Thursday, February 11, 2010

Aviation Pr0n :)

Military aviation was my profession for most of my life, and now falls into my fetish category. This video shows the simply amazing maneuverability of the Raptor (F22).

Boy, I can see why congress decided to stop production on it. I mean c'mon, who needs Air Superiority anyway? We'll just step up production of this little wonder instead.

Thanks to Laura for the video link.


Buck said...

I'd seen this vid before and others like it. Being as how I have NO idea about what constitutes good, bad, and ugly as far as fighters go... I'll defer to Lex. And HE remains impressed with the F-22's capabilities.

As for canceling the program? "Elections have consequences." And the consequences of this decision could be lethal to the republic.

Buckskins Rule said...

Like Buck, I'll have to defer to Lex's opinions of the F-22...seeing as my military experience involved going to see on ships that sank on purpose (!).

While I'm an aviation buff, my area of interest lies in the old radial powered iron birds, although I did enjoy the Century series of fighters. The new stuff just doesn't catch my imagination.

With that said, I'm damn glad that we have this technology, and I agree that cancelling this program is bad medicine.

Rude1 said...

The pilot in me LOVES the old warbirds; you just can't get any sexier than WWII warbirds. Those beauties had to be FLOWN. The pilot had to do everything.

While I do love the jets and their capabilities, I'd much rather fly a Corsair, Spitfire or Mustang anyday.

Yeah BR, sinking ships on purpose, What's up with that? ;)