Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Other Woman

I never saw it comming, nor was I looking for it, but it happened. I fell in love with another woman. She is amazing. Her eyes are limpid pools that I can see all the way into her soul. She expects and gives total respect with no questions asked. She loves me as I am, with all my faults and problems. We are one.

Her hair is like spun copper glinting in the sunlight and dancing on the breeze. Her legs... Oh her legs are strong and beautiful, even with the few scars, they give her character. Her body ripples and is warm and wonderful to the touch. We don't have to speak, we communicate almost telepathically; she knows what I want by the way I look at her, or touch her.

She is playful yet strong, fiesty yet submissive, stubborn yet forgiving. When she walks she looks like she's dancing. Her breath is warm and sweet on my skin. She is regal. Her name is Amy and she is all I ever hoped she would be. She is beautiful, and she is mine forever.

And my wife loves her too!