Monday, November 27, 2006

Just Another Short Update of Sorts

Well everyone, I thought I'd post a quick update about the house situation. We spent most of two days digging the holes for the deck support columns. Now, the reason it took most of two days to dig ten holes is because the ground is frozen. Well, any smart person would have done this before it got so cold you would think and in fact that was our plan. But if you remember the problems we had with the concrete guy, you would know that this was supposed to be done about two months ago. Before it got so damn cold. Yeah yeah, I know, I should let go of the resentment for the concrete guy, but if it weren't for the fact that there was no good reason for his delays (other than he over extended himself and kept putting us off to do bigger, more lucrative jobs) I would let it go. But now it's costing me even more money cause the increased labor (things just take longer when it's cold out) involved. --sigh--

BTW, it took over six hours to dig two holes 1 foot wide and 32 inches deep. Yeah, that was WITH a power auger...

On the plus side, while we were digging, a HUGE buck was walking around the hill and across the driveway. I'll post some pics of him in a day or two. If I were still a hunter, I would have been in heaven. I seem to have lost the urge to kill these wonderful creatures. I'm not anti-hunting, I just would rather hunt them with a camera these days. I do still enjoy venison when folks offer me some!

One of my neighbors parked his horse trailer on our place for a few days while he packed up into his hunting camp. He told me that early one morning he saw a bear sitting in our driveway next to his truck/trailer rig. I'm gonna be so happy when we finally get to move in! Spending hours just looking out over the meadow and creek watching the wildlife...

I don't get much better my friends, it just don't :).

Stop by if you're in the neighborhood! Cheers


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Wlcome Home, and Welcome Back

There are few writers that can bare their souls so completely and honestly that you KNOW and FEEL what they're going through. Red 2 Alpha has that gift. I am a reader, I'm not a writer. He is, and he is back.

I have no idea how hard it is to open up the way he does, but I'm glad he does. No one gives a better insight into the humanity of the combat soldier/vet. I mentioned him previously here and now he is back to writing here. Stop by and read his work, you Will. Be. Moved.

Oh yeah, I can't keep forgetting to remind you to donate to Soldiers Angels "Project Valour IT"; there has never been a more worhty cause. Ever. I don't give a rats a$$ what your political affiliation is, or what your view of the war is; the bottom line is this: we owe our vets, especially those who are wounded, all the support we can give. Put your money where your mouth is and SUPPORT our troops. If we would all give a little money, or time, as opposed to lip service, we can support each and every one of them. Its the least we can do.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Has It Really Been Two Months??

Where does the time go? Well, for me it seems to be a blur of dealing with contrators, a new job, new community (even though I grew up here) and tons of other trivial matters that seem to swallow up my days.

As you may remember, we'er building a new house that apparently is made of platinum or gold. The problem with living here in the sticks is that materials cost about 3 times what I'm used to. Had I known, I would have rented an 18 wheeler and driven to Durango to pick up my ow materials. Oh well! And remember how um, "upset" I was that the concrete took so long? Well, I still am, cause now the builders are dealing with snow and cold weather which means slower work. Also, we had to rent a house since the fuel cost to heat our RV over the winter would be more than the rent. On the plus side, the rental is a little old farm house with lots of deer hanging out in the fields every morning and night, so to quote Bill Murray, "I have that going for me; which is nice."

I promised Barn Goddess some pics, so here you are. I hope you like them!

Nice huh?

Taken today...

From the rental a few weeks ago

In honor of the Goddess; these guys belong to one of my customers. I tried to catch the one on the right as he was bucking across the field, but as soon as I stopped my truck, he came over to check if I had any treats for him LOL!

I would like to say I'll do better at posting, but I don't know if I will or not. I want too, but life sometimes gets in the way. Check back in, you never know when I'll show up! Till then friends, be good!!