Friday, December 12, 2008

Bettie Page; My First Crush

Bettie Page. To many, the name brings to mind images of bygone eroticism. The name is arguably the epitome of the golden age of erotic art. She died a couple of days ago after a tumultuous life plagued by mental illness and notoriety. She was an enigma; the quintessential pin up queen who later shunned public life and dedicated her life to Christianity. To me, she will always hold a special place.

She is (was) the only person I can think of that is as popular, or possibly more popular, than she was during the height of her career, which ended nearly a half century ago. She is a true legend. I’m sure she was solely responsible for the sexual awakening of millions of young men; I know she was for me.

I can’t ever remember a time when I wasn’t aware of Bettie Page. I’m certain that I knew nothing about her before I reached puberty, but for the life of me, I can’t remember a time I didn’t know who she was, and what she did to my hormones! She still does in fact. There is just something about her that touches some inner part of me. I’m trying to say what she meant to me without sounding like a pervert or something. Her attraction for me is more than the erotic poses. She seemed to portray a zest for life. I can see it in her eyes and her smile. I don’t know how to explain it. All I know is that I have never lost the urge to gaze upon her pictures when ever I happen to see one. I’ll always feel like teenager when I see her.

Many have written about the Bettie Page phenomenon and I think they all touch on a part of her attraction, but I think her real quality and attraction to so many is that she touched something different and unique in all who admired her.

I know that I’ve always had an attraction to brunettes with bangs, who aren’t stick thin models. I like a curvy woman and love a woman in stockings and heels. Put them all together and you have none other than Bettie Page. Who cares that she was in her late 50’s when I went through puberty; she was, is and always will be in her 30’s and perfect. Just the way she wanted to be remembered; she refused to be photographed in her later years saying in a 1998 interview "I don't want to be photographed in my old age, I feel the same way with old movie stars. ... It makes me sad. We want to remember them when they were young."

Her web page has a great memorial to her. If you don’t know who she was (where have you been, Mars?) go check it out.

God Bless you Bettie Page, may you rest in peace and find a place in heaven.

Monday, December 08, 2008

I Suck as a Blogger, But My Horse is Okay :)

As anyone who happens to stumble in here knows, I suck as a blogger. I have a multitude of things I want to write about, all these things running around inside my head, but never able to actually get anything down on paper (or web page as it were). Things like the economy, celebrity idiocy, government, my house, my horses, our adoption, the holidays, cancer, erectile dysfunction, the weather, and any other bullshit that's constantly banging around in my noggin.

Sadly, as I've said many times; I'm a reader, not a writer. I read so many great blogs that once I start writing, I read what I've written and think it's just crap. There are so many talented writers out there that usually one of them happens to articulate what I'm trying to say. Then I just delete what I wrote, happy in the fact that someone, somewhere, has gotten my point across.

Once in a while, (okay, once in a GREAT while, just look at how often I update! :)) I actually sit down and write something that will (gasp) actually be posted. Like tonight... TA DA!!

Last Wednesday, I was driving to a job I've been trying to finish before the weather turned to complete crap, when my phone rang. It was the lady who boards our horses. It seems her hired man was checking the herd when he noticed my wife's horse standing stock still, at the opposite end of the pasture from all the others. He found the poor guy had a really bad wire cut on his right front leg. He called her, she called me...

The vet said he could see him as an emergency, so I scrapped my plans for the day and went to get the trailer. When I saw how badly he was injured, my stomache did a flip. This horse is such a gem; he's practically bomb-proof. He's a great mountain horse, but he's also just about a perfect kids horse. Hell, anyone can ride him, he's that good. Anyway, The entire back of his leg, just above the hoof, was peeled back. I don't know how he was standing there (I guess three other legs helped). Now the trick would be to get him in the trailer so I could get him to the vet.

Usually he gets right in the trailer, but being injured, he was very hesitant. I finally got his head in, but couldn't get him to step up inside. I tried everything; food, pulling, pushing, nothing worked. Then I did the dumbest thing possible; I tied his lead to the inside of the trailer and was going to get behind him and push. Just then, the wind blew the damn door closed and it swung into his side. This of course startled the hell out of him and he tried to back away, but the lead held him. He started thrashing and kicking trying to get loose. The rope pulled so tight I couldn't pull it free. Of all the days not to have my knife with me.

Luckily, he is such a good horse that as soon as he realized he was trapped, he quit thrashing. I talked to him and got him calmed down, and finally got the lead loose. I looked at his leg and almost cried. He had opened it up again and now it was bleeding terribly. I told him he had to get in this time, or he might not make it. The wound was actually spraying blood. Arterial. Bad news. He looked at me and walked right in, leaving a trail of blood.

I drove as fast as I dared the 25 miles to the vet, praying all the way. Luckily, the senior vet was there (it was his day off) and he took over his care. He shaved the leg and cleaned it up, then spent a few minutes poking and prodding till he was satisfied there was no nerve, tendon, or bone damage. The wound was so large and deep that he was able to put two fingers completely inside. Luckily, like I said, there was only tissue damage. Severe tissue damage, but tissue has the best chance of healing.

The Doc put about 20 stiches in and when he was done, you could hardly see the injury. He then put a cast on him to keep him from flexing the joint and pulling the stiches out. The bleeding slowed to an ooze and I asked about the arterial damage. Luckily, it wasn't an artery, just that his blood pressure was elevated, and that caused the spraying. Thank you God!

Anyway, The Doc figured he'd be in pretty severe pain in a day or two, and would probably keep his weight off that leg. It's been five days and he only limped a little the first two days. since then, he's had full weight on it, and eating like a pig. In fact, he's starting to look like a submarine!

On Saturday, I went and searched the pasture and found the wire he got caught in. I wanted to make sure that none of the other horses could get injured. It looks like he got a piece of barbed wire (the only section of fence that HAS bw) tangled around his leg. I fixed the fence and thanked the Lord for keeping the other horses safe, and for keeping the damage to a minimum. It could have been a lot worse. Doc says he should make a full recovery. Whew.

I hope we don't have any more days like that, but I'm sure we will. Horses always seem to get into something...

Monday, November 10, 2008

WARNING - Rough Language Ahead - WARNING

Okay, it has been a very very long time since Rude1 had a real Rampage, but that is all about to change.

I kept my cool all through the election season, even though there was a plethora of subjects I could have had a Rampage on, but my friends, I'm about to go bat-shit crazy over the fucking auto industry.

Fuck GM, Fuck Ford, Fuck Detroit. They're all a bunch of fucking whiny-assed unionized fuck-wads wanting a bail out. Fuck-em, let 'em file bankruptcy and be forced to re-organize and get rid of the bullshit management that has run these companies into the ground. FIRE their worthess asses. Get rid of the fucking unions that are driving costs through the damn roof. Why is a union janitor making $30 an hour as skilled fucking labor? That shit needs to stop. How in the FUCK can anyone keep their job when their company is consistently posting BILLIONS in quarterly losses? And WHY. THE. FUCK. should we even be considering a bail out for these fucking losers?

The auto industry is actually doing quite well even in these hard times, except for in Michigan (oh yeah, aint that the place with all the government corruption?). Pelosi and her fuck-faced liberal counterparts are trying to pull this off! These mother-fuckers need to shut. the. fuck. up! How about some damn personal responsibility here? I didn't see these shit-balls trying to help out Enron (who did nothing illegal, look up the facts). Oh no, they falsly accused/tried/convicted the executives over there.

I tell you what; these socialistic programs are gonna fuck the good ole US of A right in the ass and it will be too fucking late fix it. BTW, why don't I get a fucking bail-out? My business is doing poorly and showing a loss due to the local economy. Where's my help? Maybe if my company was losing money becouse of MY OWN FUCKING INCOMPETENCE I could get some of that pie. Maybe I'll call my representatives and find out if I can get a hand out. Hell, we just voted in libtards across the board here.

One other thing that has the vein in my forhead ready to burst is Obama's staff. What happened to all that centrist crap he was running on? Where is the bi-partisan staff he was talking about. This article made my eyes bleed. Especially the shit from Hairy oops Harry Reid... "Podesta also said Obama is working to build a diverse Cabinet. That includes reaching out to Republicans and independents — part of the broad coalition that supported Obama during the race against Republican John McCain. Defense Secretary Robert Gates has been mentioned as a possible holdover.

"He's not even a Republican," Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada said. "Why wouldn't we want to keep him? He's never been a registered Republican."

WHAT.THE.FUCK? That my friends PROVES that to Reid and his ilk that it doesn't matter one tiny fucking bit if a person is qualified for a position, rather it is the political party or liberal view point that matters. What a fucking piece of shit that guy is. One of the reasons I moved out of Nevada. Fucking moron.

Okay, I need to stop now or my brain will explode. I need to wait until I get that free health care to let that happen.


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Ask What Your Country can do for You, Not What You can do for Your Country

Congratulations to Obama, he pulled it off. I still don't understand the appeal and the unquestionable quest for "hope" and "Change". We all have hope, but everyone's hopes are different. I'm all for change, but only if the change is specific. Change for change's sake is seldom a good idea. I guess if you spout undefined hope and change, enough people will believe the hope and change they have in mind is what you're talking about. I just hope that when the masses are disappointed and are paying higher interest rates and taxes, that they remember how it came to be.

We are indeed entering into a new era of American leadership. One that champions the Government as the solution to all your problems. How far we have come since the days of JFK, who truly believed in the American citizen. Now we must believe in the American statesman. Sad in my opinion.

I, as most conservatives, refuse to squall like spoiled 2 year old (or defeated liberal) about the election results. One of the major differences between conservatives and liberals is how we handle victory and defeat. Seldom, if ever have I seen in your face victory dances by anyone on the right, yet that is what I'm seeing now and saw in 92 and 96. We will quietly accept the election and pray that we were wrong and that the USA will not be led into ruin. I hope Mr. Obama strengthens our economy and keeps us safe.

I also find it interesting that whenever a conservative is elected, he (or she) is expected to reach across the isle to the left; but when a liberal is elected, conservatives are expected to unite behind them. I'm not the smartest guy around, so this confounds me to no end.

As for electing the first black president, for that I'm thankful. If only to put to rest the antiquated and inaccurate stance that America is racist. I have know for longer than I can remember, that the color of the skin makes ablolutely no difference to the vast majority of Americans; so now can we finally quit beating that poor dead horse?

I'm not very optomistic about the next four years, but I am willing to see how it plays out. I will gladly say I was wrong if he is able to do all that he wants to do with out endangering the American way of life.

Time will tell.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cowboy Up

Just another nice fall day spent with my newest gal...

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Riding Amy

It's been a pretty busy time for me lately since it's the end of the season and everyone is trying to get ready for winter. The good news is that means more dinero in my pocket, but one of bad things is that I haen't gotten to ride in almost three weeks! So, I decided to fix that and go for a ride yesterday afternoon.

I got to the paddock and she decided to let me know she was a wee bit pissed that I hadn't been to see her in so long (I have to keep her at a friends until I get our paddock and barn built). Normally, when I come to catch her, she comes right over and lets me put her harness on with no trouble at all. Well, yesterday she would wait until I was just about to her, then trot off to the other side of the paddock. She would try and put another horse between us, so I couldn't catch her. Well, once she finally decided it was time to let me off the hook, she stood perfectly still as I walked up and put her harness on. I was hoping that would be the end of her "mood" but found out differently when I started to brush her out.

When I was first thinking about buying Amy, her owners warned me that she could be tempermental and that I really needed to watch her when getting ready for a ride. They said she had never really bonded well with anyone in the past, and she could get a bit stubborn; in fact, the first day I rode her, she bit me when I was tying her to the hitching post. Not a full on bite, but a nip on my forearm just to see how I would react. After that first ride, she wouldn't let me out of her sight. Since then, we've been really good together; until yesterday.

While I was brushing her out, she kept giving me the stink eye and pinning her ears back. Not full-on pinned back, but she was letting me know she wasn't real happy with me. After I put the blanket on and went to get my saddle, she pulled the blanket off when my back was turned. We had a little chat and then I saddled her up with no real problems (other than the 100lbs she has put on for winter; I had to adjust both the cinch and the flank strap to fit). She did give me dirty looks when I cinched her, but then she always does that. The good news was she let me put the bit in her mouth with no argument, something she usually makes me work at.

Since she was being a bit moody, I took her first to the round pen for some ground work. She really decided to test me in the round pen. She refused to move her feet and I had to really get after her to get her to lunge. First, she just would not move at all, then, all she would do was walk. Finally, I got her to trot and lope in both diredtions, and got her to follow MOST of my commands.

Finally, I felt it was time to ride a bit before we ran out of light, so off we went. The first part of the ride was good; she gave me no attitude at all. I worked her a bit from the saddle, then just let her follow the trail. Just as we were coming into a little grove of trees, something spooked her and she jumped to the left and tried to bolt. I was just a bit behind her and didn't stop the lunge, but quickly got her stopped before she could bolt. I don't know what it was, but evidently, it wasn't anything too bad cause she recovered and we went on about our way out of the trees and up the hill.

We rode for almost two hours, just walking through the hills and looking at the fall colors. This time of year the colors are just beginning to fade, but the aspen are still bright gold. The reds, oranges, greens and golds are especially vibrant in the golden glow of the late afternoon sun. I'm just mad I didn't bring my camera.

All in all it was a good afternoon; Amy did a great job after she let me know she was feeling a bit rejected. I guess I won't make that mistake again! I don't know if the ride did her or me more good, but I know I really needed it. After so many years without a horse, I'm finding that I missed it more than I ever imagined. Horse people will understand, but it's hard to describe the feeling a horse brings out. It's so much more than just going for a ride. The bonding and trust between horse and rider, the tranquility of riding out in the quiet, the peacefullness that just surrounds you when you're with your horse. All I know is that I really feel at peace when I'm with our horses, and with Amy in particular.

I sure hope I can get our facilities up soon, I could sure a little horse therapy more often than I'm getting now.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Other Woman

I never saw it comming, nor was I looking for it, but it happened. I fell in love with another woman. She is amazing. Her eyes are limpid pools that I can see all the way into her soul. She expects and gives total respect with no questions asked. She loves me as I am, with all my faults and problems. We are one.

Her hair is like spun copper glinting in the sunlight and dancing on the breeze. Her legs... Oh her legs are strong and beautiful, even with the few scars, they give her character. Her body ripples and is warm and wonderful to the touch. We don't have to speak, we communicate almost telepathically; she knows what I want by the way I look at her, or touch her.

She is playful yet strong, fiesty yet submissive, stubborn yet forgiving. When she walks she looks like she's dancing. Her breath is warm and sweet on my skin. She is regal. Her name is Amy and she is all I ever hoped she would be. She is beautiful, and she is mine forever.

And my wife loves her too!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Laugh Out Loud Funny

I've not had a chance to visit some of my favorite sites for a while, but today I caught up on Bob Lonsberry's columns and found this gem...

I haven't laughed so hard in quite a while.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Back From the Grave

It's hard for me to believe it's been over a year since I sat down to write a post, but then again, with everything that has gone on with building this house, it's no wonder. In a nutshell, the small house we wanted to build for my mom wound up taking 21 months to build and nearly double the cost. Granted, it should have only taken 6-8 months, but hey, why do things the easy way right? If I were a writer, I'd write a book about how NOT to build a house. So now that house is done, and we're living in it but have to put OUR house on hold for a few years till we pay this one off. Sorry mom, but you'll just have to stay where you are for a couple more years... :) Ah well, a story for another time.

There have been so many things I want to write about but never could find (or make) the time to do it. I'll prolly do so anyway cause it's my blog and who reads this crap anyway. Some will be past their prime, but others will be current I promise.

With that said, I'm just glad we made it though this ordeal and managed to (mostly) keep our sanity and most importantly, stayed married. It was touch and go at times, but we now know that we can weather any storm.

So now it's time to close one book and open another. Who knows, this one might just be a comedy.