Thursday, October 22, 2009

USAF's Latest Multi-role Strike Aircraft

As some of you know, Congress recently voted to cut funding for the F-22 Raptor. Now the Raptor became operational right as I was retiring from the AF, so I never had any first hand experience with this jet. However, my Squid-in-law is stationed at Norfolk which is just down the road from Langley AFB where the Raptor nests. I've been out there a few times and all the folks I've talked to seem very impressed with the Raptor; both maintainers and pilots.

Be that as it may, the funding is cut. Done. Finito. So what are we supposed to do for air superiority now?

I've been able to smuggle out a photo of the Top Secret aircraft the Obama administration is pinning it's air superiority hopes on. It's a modified version of the aging, but still formidable F-15 Eagle. The newest version of the Eagle, called the Eaglet, is much smaller than it's mother, with a smaller payload. However, due to the size and construction materials, it is by far the stealthiest aircraft ever made. Virtually invisible to all radar and has no heat signature.

It does have a very limited range, both in weaponry and airborne endurance. However, the cost is a minuscule.

According to an anonymous administration official "...we can equip hundreds of squadrons with the Eaglet for less than a single F-22." "This aircraft fulfils the Commander and Chiefs wishes for an inexpensive and ineffective replacement for the horrific killing machines we've used to force our will around the globe." he said.

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