Friday, October 09, 2009

Give Me a F'ing Break

Just when I think the people of the world can't get any dumber, something like this happens.

In light of the Norwegian Nobel Committee's most recent decision to give president (lowercase p used on purpose) O the Nobel Peace Prize; I honestly believe it will now be changing the name to the Nobel Piece-O-shite Prize.

Awww, and they didn't want to wake his highness up. How thoughtful.

What a fucking joke the NPP has become.


The lovely Cara has a terrific post on this. She puts it in a way I wanted to, but that's the difference between a writer (Cara) and a reader (Moi).


I've heard this at several places, but had to repeat it...

Obama awarded the Heisman Trophy for watching a college football game.

Stay tuned for coverage of his upcoming awards; his Tony, his Grammy, his Sainthood, his Emmy, his Clio, his Super Bowl Ring...


Cara Ellison said...

LOL! Awesome pic! : )

Rude1 said...

hehehehe! I couldn't resist!