Thursday, July 16, 2009

Obama et al are LIARS and IDIOTS

I'm listening to Herr Obama and others trying to tell us how we need universal healthcare, how private insurance is sooooo expensive that millions can't afford it, blah blah blah. SO the answer is of course, force a program that is unsustainable and doomed to fail while killing thousands due to the timeline it wil take to receive certain treatments (look at Canada, Great Britain etc).

Now I don't know how the folks in our "gubmint" got where they are without some basic problem solving skills (except Herr Obama, cause face it, he never had a job so he didn't need to learn these skills; it's just so easy to blame someone else right?). The way I see it, and I do have some knowledge here as my wife is a professional healthcare provider, the reason most folks dont have healthcare is the cost. Okay, I can see that to. a. degree. Let's forget the folks who drive Escalades and other high dollar vehicles while living on food stamps (a big portion of the population where I live) cause no matter how cheap healthcare insurance is, these folks are not going to pay for it. So, lets look at responsible folks who live within their means, and can't afford insurance.

Let me back up a sec. The problem isn't that these folks don't have insurance, the problem is that it is too expensive, right? So, NOT having insurance is a SYMPTOM of the problem, expense. Now, anyone with BASIC problem solving skills should see this as a glaring example. Anyone with BASIC problem solving skills knows that you don't treat symptoms, your look at causes, and narrow it down to the ROOT CAUSE and treat THAT!

So, back to our responsible folks who can't afford insurance. How do we help them afford it? I know of a few ways, and by no means claim that I have the final answers, but here goes.
First, get the lawyers out of healthcare. Get the ambulance chasers out of the mix. Insurance costs are directly related to the malpractice insurance that medical providers MUST carry to protect themselves. The vast majority of healthcare providers are good, honest, caring people who are in the field because they want to help people. Unfortunately, our society has made it very easy to target them for astronominal settlements when things go wrong.

Don't misunderstand and think I'm against fair compensation for mistakes, but we need to stop awarding millions of dollars for a bothched boob job. Healthcare providers should be held accountable for any costs incurred for treatment or correction of their mistakes, a reasonable amount of lost wages incurred (NOT millions for "potential earnings lost"). We need to stop the get rich schemes at the expense of our health care professionals.

Herr Obama and his army of idiots on the hill need to stop, analyze the problem, get to the root cause and fix that; not shooting from the hip and treating symptoms.

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