Thursday, July 23, 2009

Charge Your Government Rep with BRIBERY

I'm fed up. Our government representatives have perverted our system of government into an unethical, probably illegal system of bribery and graft.

Strong words. Maybe I'm being over-simplistic, but when Queen Pelosi, Herr Obama, Prince Hairy Reid and every other politician (Republican and Democrat) twist each others arms to get votes they want, it stinks of bribery to me. Just one example; when Pelosi, Obama and Reid are going to Congressmen asking "what do you need to vote yes on the healthcare (or cap and trade, or any legislation)?" "Do you need my support for one of your bills, or extra money for your district?" "You'll get it if you vote yes on this." That to me, is bribery.

I don't buy the bullshit that "that's how things get done in Washington". These people are OUR representatives, and when they get together and make their shady backroom deals for the advancement of THEIR carreers or THEIR causes against the will of their constituants, THEY. ARE. WRONG. They need to be held accountable and either brought under investigation, the whole damn lot of them, or voted the hell out.

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