Monday, July 13, 2009

How Much is a Trillion Really?

Just a bit of perspective. Does anyone really understand just how much a Trillion dollars really is? According to my calculations, based on the latest info, there are 306 million people in the good ole US of A. That is every man, woman and child. For simplicity, I'll use 1.04 Trillion; close enough. So, here I go.

First off, a Trillion is one million million. Okay. So, if there are 306 Million people, and each of them (not families, but every single one) gave $3,333.00 to the "gubmint", we would come up with $1.04 TRILLION. Simple right? Okay, how about this demo.
x 3333

So, what I see is that for every TRILLION dollars of "gubmint" debt or spending, it costs my family (just me and the wife) $6,666. Not a huge amount, but about 4.5% of our income. But what about larger families with lower incomes? Let's take two hypothetical families and compare.

Family A: Four people with a gross income of $250,000.
Family B: Four people with a gross income of $60,000.

Family A's cost is $13,334 and approx 5.6% of their income.
Family B's cost is also $13,334 but approx 23% of their income.

Now, let's not even get into the families without income, or those below the poverty line, cause we all know who is going to incur those costs.

I'm by no means a financial genius, but I have an above average IQ (yes, I qualify for MENSA) and know that this current financial fiasco our current administration is trying to force on us is One Big Ass Mistake Assholes.

So I have to say to our "gubmint"... Do the fucking math assholes, it ain't that hard. Stop spending what we don't have, and have no hope of getting! Remember, this is just for ONE trillion! What happens to us when they're talking about a trillion for bailouts, a trillion for healthcare, and how many trillions we're already in debt for? How the hell do they think this can pass any sanity test?

I'm going to go stab my eyes with a pencil.

Okay, the math portion didn't format the way it should, but I don't have the time or energy to try and fix it. No one reads this anyway, so it's no biggie!

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