Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I'm so ashamed... :)

I haven't posted in so long and I feel terrible about it. So, I'll try and put down a few of the more important things bouncing around in my cranium...

First, let me tell you I'm totally impressed with the Dodge warranty service. When the Rude Ram went down a couple weeks ago, she was towed to the dealership, repaired and returned in less than 48 hours. Out here in the sticks, that's pretty good! And it only cost me the $100 deductible. Needless to say, I was very happy.

I have some pics I need to post; the other day I was up at the building sight and the neighbor from down the road was moving his cattle up to pasture. I sat there and watched as the cowboys and girls drove the heard right up the road and past our place. I thought how cool it was to sit and watch the poetry as these wranglers moved a herd in the same way it's been done for centuries. I love being back here!

We have a HOLE! LOL, the excavation has begun on the new house and we should be having the concrete poured very soon. It's hard to believe that our house is actually being built! Well, almost, but we have a well, a road, a hole, and next week we'll have a septic system! Yee-haw! Now as long as we can be done and moved in by winter I will be One. Happy. SOB!

In other news, my new business is starting to take off. We've had a lot of winter-kill out here with both the alfalfa crops and the turf grasses. Hopefully, we can get them re-established and have some happy customers.

I also wanted to do a mini-blogrole post to throw some kudos out to my peeps LOL. So, remember, this is just the first of many of these to get out my impressions of my favorite bloggers. Those on my side bar will eventually all be named, but this is just a starter...

Desult is responsible for me blogging at all. We started a friendship over email and she encouraged me to post some of my writing. I still don't know what she was thinging! LOL. Anyway, I admire the hell out of her for many reasons, one of which was her willing to change her lifestyle by joining the military. She is a driven and accomplished young lady who will go very very far. She just needs to trust in herself a bit more. Oh, and she's frickin HOT too :)

Speaking of Hotties, Cowgirl is smokin! LOL, for a couple of reasons; obviously she is a beautiful woman, but just read her posts and you know how beautiful her heart is. Her ability to express her love and connection with her horses, and her honest open personal insight make her such a joy to read. She has the ability to draw others to her and isn't afraid of judgement. I'm proud she's a friend and everytime I hear the song "that girl is a cowboy" I think of her. Oh, and if you ever have the pleasure of hearing her sing, you'll be AMAZED!

Shayna is another with an amazing voice. Her stories of Eugene got me hooked; she has such a big, sweet and loving heart that shows through in her writing. She's funny and fearless; one you always want on your side.

Militarygrrl's writings about her military experience are a must read for anyone on either side of the debate about women in the military. The things she went through, and the way she handled them are proof positive that women can not only do the job, but often out perform the "guys". I'd serve with her anyday.

Barngoddess; what can I say about her? Just read her stuff; she blows me away. Everytime I stop by her place it reminds me how much I miss having horses around. Even though it's been over 20 years since I had one. Thanks to her and Cowgirl, that will change soon after the house is built!

I just noticed something; almost all of my blog buddies are beautiful women... Go figure!

That's all I have time for right now, I'll get to more of them soon. I promise! Till then, thanks for being there for me to read, I miss stopping by like I used to. Have a great day all! Cheers


BarnGoddess said...

awwwwww, Im blushing. Thnx for the compliments ;) you sound happy and excited about the things going on in your life, its great to hear about it! keep us beauties informed....

Rude1 said...

BG, thanks as always for stopping by. No need to blush, I mean what I say. I'll certainly keep you posted! Cheers doll

brian said...

Hi Rude1,

Came over from Shayna's list today. I do agree with you BG and CG are my two closest friends.

I like your posts, and thanks for your service.

Rude1 said...

Brian, Welcome! I've read many of your comments on both of those pages and I have to say it's a pleasure to see you here. Thanks for the kind words!

Cowgirl said...

I'm also are too sweet my dear friend.

"That Girl Is A Cowboy" is one of my favs...I always have to get a little more animated when I am out and hear that true.

One of these days, I am buying you a few beers! Dodge craped out? That sux. ;)~ *says the Chevy girl*

Rude1 said...

Hey Cowboy LOL! So glad you stopped in! I know you've been super busy (and I certainly know how that is!) but I've still missed you:) The Dodge had a minor set-back, but it's all good now hehehehe

Oh, and I meant every word; I'm proud to call you a friend, and you're welcome to buy me a few beers at anytime ;)

Talk to you soon!