Saturday, June 03, 2006

Holy Crackers, A Real Post!

Greetings all from the high mountains! As is my modus operandi lately, this will be a short, but hopefully sweet post. I won't go into the high-tech cowboy area just yet (sorry cowgirl ;) ) but thought I might regale you all with a few tidbits of why I'm so happy to be back here.

I'd forgotten just how beautiful this area of the world is, and how on some small scale, time has slowed down to a crawl. For the most part, the area hasn't changed since I left some 25 years ago. It's still full of ranches and farms complete with ranchers and farmers; all of whom are still going broke every year (just ask anyone of them!). Seriously, I know how hard it is to make a living ranching and/or farming, but for the most part, these guys are the same ones who were working their land when I left. They may not be getting rich, but most are still paying their bills and providing a good life for their families.

I feel at times as if it's 1980 except all those guys and gals I ran around with are much older than they should be! I mean, they have like grown kids and stuff, some even with grand kids! What happened to them while I was gone? Then I look in the mirror, and remember that I too have aged quite a bit since then, but I'm happy to say that while I may look a bit older and rougher, my mind still says I'm in my 20's.

I had forgotten the simple pleasure of driving down an open road where you can see forever and watching a late evening lightening storm dance across the mountain tops under a turquoise sky with flaming clouds against the Western horizon. My words fail to paint the beautiful picture God provides on a nightly basis. I wish you all could see them. I should carry my camera with me I guess!

I am still getting used to the fact that people don't lock their trucks and give a friendly wave to every passing car on the road. I know; it sounds a bit Mayberry, but life is so relaxed here, I can't explain it.

The sheer joy I feel everyday here more than makes up for the shock I get when I see my paycheck (is that right? That's what I used to have withheld, not take home!!!) Oh well, the price of living in this wonderful place is a much smaller income, but then the cost of living is much less too, so I'm not complaining one bit. In fact, I'm thanking the Lord for allowing me to live here once again.

I hope all of you are happy and healthy. I miss you all and wish you could all come out for a visit (maybe AFTER the house is built since the RV is a bit crowded with my wife and I and our two dopey dogs) :

Till next time…


Cowgirl said...

Holy Crackers is right!

Keep taking it in.

Rude1 said...

Hey Doll, I hope you're doing well. As always, thanks for stopping by, it means a lot!

BarnGoddess said...

you sound happy :) I do not think i could ever live anywhere else other than small town America. It was nice reading your post and hearing about how your life has changed, dont stay away so long!

Rude1 said...

Thanks Goddess! I am happy, and look forward to when I am more settled and in our house! Thanks for checking in!

Day by Day said...

Wow!!! Your back... and your using my line! :)

Desultory Girl said...

That's so awesome, bro! After living and working in my area of MD/DC it sounds like what I'm after. Lighting shows are amazing. I'm glad you're in a place to see it so vividly. Pictures, eh???

Rude1 said...

Shayna, Im partially back, still fighting internet connections! Of coarse I used your saying, Holy Crackers is the bomb! LOL

Desult, thanks for stopping in, I've missed you! I can't wait to catch up on all thats going on with both of us. Stay tough! :)