Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Westfall Horsemanship

I found this video of Stacy Westfall's horse Popcorn. It makes me laugh everytime; Popcorn is such a funny guy! Im afraid that if we ever had mud like that, my mare would be just as bad. She loves to roll in the mud (well, what passes for mud out here; more like damp soil!)

If you don't know who Stacy is, take the time to find out. She is IMHO, the best trainer out there (okay, maybe tied with Buck Brannaman). She was the first woman to be invited to and then win the Road to the Horse competition (on Popcorn who she bought after the competition). She won the 2006 AQH Congress with the highest score ever (still standing) just 24 days after her father passed away. She's won numerous competitions and usually rides bridless...

Check out her videos; they are amazing.


Deb said...

Saw the video of the win you referred to, a real tear jerker.

Rude1 said...

I know Deb! Don't tell anyone, but I get damp eyes everytime I see it, and I've seen it MANY times. Just incredible.