Sunday, January 08, 2012

Warhorse: Truth is Better Than Fiction

I haven't seen the new movie Warhorse yet; our small community is usually a few weeks/months behind new releases. However, I found this video about a REAL warhorse, SSgt Reckless, USMC who served during the Korean war (yeah yeah, I know it was a "conflict", but tens of thousands died so it was a war dammit).


Anonymous said...

We did view the movie yesterday. Although it is a pleasant, sentimental film, the problems with authenticity lessen the film. Early in the film one sees that the markings on the colt, yearling, and adult horse vary so much that it is clear the horses are different animals. A bit later the turnip crop is shown after a rainstorm. If you've ever raised turnips, you know they're ready to pick; yet the movie says they're a failed crop. Toward the end of the movie the Warhorse runs across a battlefield, becoming entwined in razor sharp barbed wire; yet, when the wire is cut off, he is able to walk and has only minimal cuts. As one who lost a hosre to barbed wire, and has seen many more cut up, that much barbed wire would have easily destroyed this horse. There are other such problems throughout the film. These errors do not destroy the movie--but it would have been stronger with some consideration of facts. Either they just made the film and didn't know about horses, etc. or they didn't care about truth.

Rude1 said...

I saw the movie last week and agree with you on all counts! Especially after knowing some of the stories of real life war horses.

I'm going to write a better review of the film and post a little later.

Suffice it to say, I was pretty disappointed in it.

I've also lost horses to wire cuts and hated that scene; both for the painful images of him running through the wire, and the completely unrealistic outcome.

Anonymous said...

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