Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Patrick the Pitbull

I meant to post this the other day when I first heard about it, but time and other things got away from me again (yeah, big shock there!).

Time and time again I’m reminded why I have such little faith in the human race. More often than not, I think I’d be so much happier if I could close off my life from the rest of the world and just live my life with my animals and a (very) select few other people. I know the few readers of my blog will agree with me that this story is beyond words. I’m so angry that it’s a damn good thing that Kisha Curtis lives in New Jersey and not anywhere near the Rude1 Ranch, since firearms are plenty around here.

I’ve never been a real fan of pitbulls, simply because my canine companions are generally of the working dog or retriever breeds. However, I know that pitbull’s generally get an unfounded bad rap simply because of the idiot humans who abuse them and train them to be violent. Plus the media inflates bad press about the breed and fuels more fear of them. This breed, more than any other, has suffered severely from misinformation.

No matter your feelings about pitbulls, this story should piss you off beyond measure. No creature deserves this horrific treatment. I wouldn’t have blamed this dog if he was afraid of and/or violent towards people after how he was abused. Thankfully, he appears to recognize the love and care he is finally getting and isn’t harboring any ill will, however, time will tell.

I can hardly look at the pictures and videos without tearing up and seeing the red rage. I was almost physically ill the first time I saw the pictures. Words can’t describe the magnitude of my anger towards the piece of shit who did this to that poor dog.

Heros come in all shapes and sizes, in all kinds of places. We usually think heros are our military, law enforcement, fire fighters and medical professionals; and rightly so. However, the garbageman who took the time to look into the garbage bag and call the authorities is a hero to me, as well as the staff taking care of Patrick.


Patrick Seems to be doing quite well, all things considered, under the loving care he is recieving. He still has a long way to go, but he is a fighter in the good sense of the word. His pictures show what a special little guy he is.

Thank you to those caring for him so well, and to all who wish him well.

Oh and I see the piece of Shite (my Scots coming out) Kisha Curtis is out on $1,000 bail. I hope they throw the book at her and then smack her in the head with it.


Deb said...

Sorry Rude1 but after I saw the pictures, I couldn't watch the video. I'm with you on that human piece of $hit, that fat cow should have done to her what she did to that poor dog.
I have a German Shepherd and a Rotti that are the most loving girls you'd ever want to meet. Neither of them has a mean bone in their body and I've met some people that don't like me because I have 2 strong breeds.
It's definitely a matter of how their raised.

Rude1 said...

I don't blame you Deb, no one should have to look at such horrible things...

I hate seeing things like this. It is beyond my comprehension how anyone can treat a dog, or any living creature that way. The pure unconditional love that dogs give deserve much much more.

Sometimes I wonder if we really are the most advanced life form...

Deb said...

I've got one over at my place that made me feel very much the same way.

Rude1 said...

Yeah, I remember that story too; just makes me sick...