Friday, April 22, 2011

Basic Finances for Government Idiots

I just don’t get it. Do our elected officials really think we the American people are stupid? Granted, by our own actions we’ve help perpetrate that idea by continually, year after year, allowing them to get away with their lies. We allow them to spout worthless platitudes that sound good, but don’t say anything of substance. Then we allow them to keep right on passing legislation that puts our nation further and further in debt and at risk.

The most important lesson I ever learned was to think critically. To LISTEN and analyze what is being said; to look beyond the words and find what is really being said.

For example, when president O says that “We cannot continue to spend more than we bring in…” I know what he’s saying is “raise taxes”; not “let’s reduce our spending”. And we keep letting them do it to us!

I wish I could get away with that sort of mentality. “Hey boss, I’m spending more than I make, so I need you to give me more money.” Hey, that should work right?

For those of you like me who are feeling the pinch of $4 + a gallon of fuel and rising costs on just about every conceivable consumable, without an increase in wages, we’ve had to make some adjustments to our budgets. I’m spending less. I’m doing without certain things and trying to be as efficient as possible.

What I HAVEN’T done is borrow more money to offset the increased living expenses. In other words, I haven’t raised my debt ceiling.

I’m not surprised that president O’s first and seemingly only reaction is to increase the government’s income. He did the same thing during his campaign; whenever funds were slowing down or lacking, he just went out and stroked the sheep to give him more money. He raised over $745 MILLION dollars (with vast amounts from questionable sources) for his campaign, nearly double what McCain raised. The point is, it never occurs to him to adjust spending, just go get more money!

Sorry Mr. president, but you can’t just keep telling us to give give and then give some more. You need to make dramatic and drastic cuts to spending if we’re ever going to get out of this mess.

How about this Mr. president; ask all the non-producing citizens (and especially non-citizens who are getting benefits from Uncle Sam) to give a little. Have them give up some freebies that us producers are paying for.

They talk about the evil corporations and how they’re sending jobs overseas or paying very little in taxes. They rely on our ambivalence or ignorance to not ask why corporations are doing these things. Because our elected leaders have hobbled them with so many regulations that they can’t afford NOT to send jobs overseas, or that THEY are the ones who wrote the tax codes, GIVING the corporations LEGAL loopholes to reduce their tax liability. Who’s really to blame?

And why is it that when they raise taxes on the “rich”, my taxes still seem to go up? Hmmmm, interesting phenomenon.

I’m by no means the smartest guy around, but I listen and think for myself. I ask questions instead of blindly accepting what is being said.

WARNING Adult Language Ahead

It’s time to quit fucking around and pull your head out of your ass Mr. president, and everyone on Capitol Hill. Stop fucking lying to me; I’m smarter than you think. Be a leader and make some tough calls for once. If you’re not willing to do that, then take your ass back to Chicago and go organize a community or two.

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