Friday, March 05, 2010

Save the SEALs

The Washington Times nails the issue of the three Navy SEALs being Court -Martialed for allegedly punching that dirt bag terrorist Ahmed Hashim Abed (you know the one, the slime bag who murdered, mutilated, burned and hung the American contractors) in the gut.

These warriors need to be commended, not only for capturing the slug, but for exercising restraint in not kicking the living shit out of the asshole.

The last paragraph sums up the situation cleanly;
"This argument (letting the CM go forward to prove their innocence and clear their names) would carry more weight if the SEALs could get a fair trial. But in the current politicized atmosphere and with an administration that goes out of its way to placate Muslim sentiment, it's not a sure thing that the accused would be vindicated. Having the charges dropped is preferable to seeing these young men railroaded to serve the political designs of the White House. That would be a fiasco indeed".


Buckskins Rule said...

" placate Muslim sentiment"

The West needs to stop trying to placate them. It can't be done. The beginnings of a backlash against muslims is brewing in Europe. It's about time.

This isn't about religion, it's about ideology. I've been reading quite a bit about the Crusades in the last few months. The so called "Religion of Peace" has been anything but throughout most of its history.

Buck said...

This WHOLE THING is a fiasco. The Navy chain of command responsible for persecuting (NOT a typo) these SEALs should be charged instead... "conduct unbecoming" would be a good start, but there are doubtless many other UCMJ articles that could apply.

I'm just appalled at this whole story.

alison said...

I HATE how our finest (here and there) are hauled before the courts like this. It's absurd and wrong.

Rude1 said...

BR, I find that religion as a whole has had a bloody history, but you are right; Islam probably has the bloodiest and least amount of peace of all religions combined. It IS an ideology, one that we need to recognize and stop pussy-footing around with.

Buck, you nailed it! Conduct unbecoming should be the tip of the iceberg. Sadly, there is a distinct lack of huevos in the upper echelon these days.

Alison - nothing gets me more fired up than the mis-treatment of honorable warriors. Especially from those that have never had the guts to face an enemy on a field of battle.