Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I Don't Know Which One To Buy

I've always wanted a nice lever action rifle in either .44 or .45 long colt caliber. I think I'll get one this summer, but I'm not sure which one to buy.

There is the Uberti 1860 Henry,

The Henry Big Boy,

or the Uberti 1866 Yellowboy.

Decisions decisions...


Buckskins Rule said...

Good problem to have.

Well, if'n it were me, I'd go with the Big Boy in .45 Colt. Here's why:

1. Rifle: I tend towards things which are plain and functional. The Yellowboy is bit too pretty for my tastes. The 1860 is a good rifle, but I prefer a some wood forward of the receiver. Although I do like the sight on the 1860.

2. Caliber: I'm just not a fan of .44 Magnum. Although that is based on handgun experience, as I have never fired it through a rifle. I do have a Winchester Trapper 94 in 44 mag that's never had a round through it. Maybe I should fix that so that I can have a more educated opinion. My choice of .45 Colt is also colored by the fact that my summer gun purchase is going to be a S$W Mountain Gun in that caliber.

With that said, if I recall correctly, your sidearm is a .44 mag. There's a case to made for the same caliber in your rifle, dependendent upon the intended use.

Sorry, that got a little windy.

Rude1 said...

Oh man, a Win trapper that's never been fired? Wanna sell it? :)

You'll love the S&W mountain gin, that is what my .44 is. It has great balance and the pull is just right IMHO.

If it weren't for the lack of the front stock, I'd no doubt get the 1860 Henry, although I doubt I'll ever fire enough rounds fast enough to be a problem.

The big boy and the yellowboy are both a bit heavier than the 1860 though.

I really want a good reliable trail gun, and the 1860 I think would go in and out of the scabbard easier too...

Oh hell, I just don't know yet. Thanks for your input BR!

Buckskins Rule said...

It takes me months to buy a new
gun. I'll change my mind a dozen times before deciding.

My guess is you are looking for a rifle that is functional, with a bit of nostalgia thrown in (both admirable traits). With that said, if you are looking for good trail gun, have you looked at Marlin rifles. They have s few big bore carbines in .45-70. Either the Guide Gun or the 1895GBL or 1895GBL. The latter two have large loop lever's for ease of operation, even while wearing gloves.

I've never fired a .45-70 and have varying reports on recoil, so it might be worth finding one you could shoot first, if you decide to consider one of those rifles.

BG said...

omg, BIG decision. Not to be hastily made. Im a bit jealous...I do like the .44 cal tho. it is Friday and the sun is shining, life is good right this very minute. How ya been?

Rude1 said...

Hey BG! I'm good. I hope things are going well out at your place. I hear that Louis is being a bit pesky!