Monday, November 10, 2008

WARNING - Rough Language Ahead - WARNING

Okay, it has been a very very long time since Rude1 had a real Rampage, but that is all about to change.

I kept my cool all through the election season, even though there was a plethora of subjects I could have had a Rampage on, but my friends, I'm about to go bat-shit crazy over the fucking auto industry.

Fuck GM, Fuck Ford, Fuck Detroit. They're all a bunch of fucking whiny-assed unionized fuck-wads wanting a bail out. Fuck-em, let 'em file bankruptcy and be forced to re-organize and get rid of the bullshit management that has run these companies into the ground. FIRE their worthess asses. Get rid of the fucking unions that are driving costs through the damn roof. Why is a union janitor making $30 an hour as skilled fucking labor? That shit needs to stop. How in the FUCK can anyone keep their job when their company is consistently posting BILLIONS in quarterly losses? And WHY. THE. FUCK. should we even be considering a bail out for these fucking losers?

The auto industry is actually doing quite well even in these hard times, except for in Michigan (oh yeah, aint that the place with all the government corruption?). Pelosi and her fuck-faced liberal counterparts are trying to pull this off! These mother-fuckers need to shut. the. fuck. up! How about some damn personal responsibility here? I didn't see these shit-balls trying to help out Enron (who did nothing illegal, look up the facts). Oh no, they falsly accused/tried/convicted the executives over there.

I tell you what; these socialistic programs are gonna fuck the good ole US of A right in the ass and it will be too fucking late fix it. BTW, why don't I get a fucking bail-out? My business is doing poorly and showing a loss due to the local economy. Where's my help? Maybe if my company was losing money becouse of MY OWN FUCKING INCOMPETENCE I could get some of that pie. Maybe I'll call my representatives and find out if I can get a hand out. Hell, we just voted in libtards across the board here.

One other thing that has the vein in my forhead ready to burst is Obama's staff. What happened to all that centrist crap he was running on? Where is the bi-partisan staff he was talking about. This article made my eyes bleed. Especially the shit from Hairy oops Harry Reid... "Podesta also said Obama is working to build a diverse Cabinet. That includes reaching out to Republicans and independents — part of the broad coalition that supported Obama during the race against Republican John McCain. Defense Secretary Robert Gates has been mentioned as a possible holdover.

"He's not even a Republican," Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada said. "Why wouldn't we want to keep him? He's never been a registered Republican."

WHAT.THE.FUCK? That my friends PROVES that to Reid and his ilk that it doesn't matter one tiny fucking bit if a person is qualified for a position, rather it is the political party or liberal view point that matters. What a fucking piece of shit that guy is. One of the reasons I moved out of Nevada. Fucking moron.

Okay, I need to stop now or my brain will explode. I need to wait until I get that free health care to let that happen.



dogette said...

Fuck. You're so dead on correct here. Can't add a thing.

Rude1 said...

Awww, thanks Dogette; I hope the language didn't offend you! LOL