Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Ask What Your Country can do for You, Not What You can do for Your Country

Congratulations to Obama, he pulled it off. I still don't understand the appeal and the unquestionable quest for "hope" and "Change". We all have hope, but everyone's hopes are different. I'm all for change, but only if the change is specific. Change for change's sake is seldom a good idea. I guess if you spout undefined hope and change, enough people will believe the hope and change they have in mind is what you're talking about. I just hope that when the masses are disappointed and are paying higher interest rates and taxes, that they remember how it came to be.

We are indeed entering into a new era of American leadership. One that champions the Government as the solution to all your problems. How far we have come since the days of JFK, who truly believed in the American citizen. Now we must believe in the American statesman. Sad in my opinion.

I, as most conservatives, refuse to squall like spoiled 2 year old (or defeated liberal) about the election results. One of the major differences between conservatives and liberals is how we handle victory and defeat. Seldom, if ever have I seen in your face victory dances by anyone on the right, yet that is what I'm seeing now and saw in 92 and 96. We will quietly accept the election and pray that we were wrong and that the USA will not be led into ruin. I hope Mr. Obama strengthens our economy and keeps us safe.

I also find it interesting that whenever a conservative is elected, he (or she) is expected to reach across the isle to the left; but when a liberal is elected, conservatives are expected to unite behind them. I'm not the smartest guy around, so this confounds me to no end.

As for electing the first black president, for that I'm thankful. If only to put to rest the antiquated and inaccurate stance that America is racist. I have know for longer than I can remember, that the color of the skin makes ablolutely no difference to the vast majority of Americans; so now can we finally quit beating that poor dead horse?

I'm not very optomistic about the next four years, but I am willing to see how it plays out. I will gladly say I was wrong if he is able to do all that he wants to do with out endangering the American way of life.

Time will tell.

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