Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Ben Stein

I've tried several times to write a post about Ben Stein and what he means to me, but I can never get it right. I'm one of those folks who think that most of the Hollywood crowd is a joke, but I respect and enjoy what they do. (when they stay within their area of expertise as I wrote about here) Anyway, Ben is different. He understands what meaning is. I just want to thank him. I want to thank him for making me laugh in "Ferris Beuller's Day Off", and on his show "Win Ben Stein's Money". I want to thank him for his support of the US military. I want to thank him for his service to our country during the Nixon years. Ben, if you're listening, Thank You. You're support, and the support of all who believe, helps keep us going. We can't do it alone.

Ben's article made me think about my life since I've retired from the military. I've often told my wife since that day that I miss being a part of something important, of making a difference in the world. Ben reminded me that I miss my life having meaning. I know there are a lot ways to get that meaning back. I just need to do it. It was easy to have meaning while in uniform; everyday held the pursuit of the greater good. Now, I struggle to find the niche where I can once again contribute. I support the Soldiers/Sailors/Airmen/Marines/Coast Guard; I send packages and volunteer to help deployed spouses keep up with home/landscape duties. I try and pass a little wisdom to the young troops whenever I can. I try and help educate those with no military knowledge. In short, I'm trying to honor those who still serve, and those who've served before us, but honestly, sometimes I need a reminder to do more. It's easy to get caught up in the daily BS of life and lose track of what's really important.

Thanks again Ben, for reminding me to keep on helping where I can.


Kyahgirl said...

Thanks for visiting my blog :-)

This is a great post. I don't always agree with the reasons behind the wars but I always feel proud of those who step up and put their lives on the line for us.

Rude1 said...

Thank you Kyahgirl, that's all that I ask. No one in their right mind, especially military folks, want to go to war. But sometimes it's a neccessary evil.

Thanks again for stopping by!

BarnGoddess said...

hey-great post. My Father is a Veteran of the Korean War. My bro and tons of cousins are in the National Guard, or Coast Guard in N. Mich. They have all came home safely from Iraq. Our Nations military is the best, full of the best, will always be the best. I am so thankful for the people who have sacrificed so much to make our country the best place on earth to live. I fly our Red White and Blue in my front yard just like my 75 yo Father still does. I do it in his honor, and the honor of every person who has served or is serving in our military.
geez, sorry to get so preachy...aaaachoooo allergies got you down too?
Ben Stein-I was suprised to see what kind of a real person he was. I watched him on Good Morning AMerica (or something like that) and I was shocked at his 'real' personality. Quite an interesting and complex fella.

ragingmom said...

Dang, that could have been written by Old Sarge (my much better half).

OS retired in '98- how about you?

Rude1 said...

Retired in 05 (I'm a newbie retiree!) lol

Thanks for the nice words and for stopping by!

Rude1 said...

allergies always get me down :(

Don't worry about getting preachy, say what you feel! I was suprised by Ben Stein several years ago; it's not often Hollywood types speak out like he does. Plus, he's dang funny :)

Cowgirl said...

Ben Stein cracks me up too.
Hollywood is tolerable, but the media really pisses me off more.
Nice post.
You definitely are supportive of us yungins! I can vouch for that!;)

Rude1 said...

Danggit, you're making it a habit of embarassing me :)

Rude1 said...

Anyone? Anyone? Cowgirl? Cowgirl? :)

Desultory Girl said...

"...I miss being a part of something important, of making a difference in the world."

You still do, Rude1. I'm a witness to that. You do more than you realize.

Trust me, it's more than an honor to get such great support from a veteran such as yourself.

Day by Day said...

Ben Stein is so dry... but hillarious... those are the people with the best talent. :)

Good Post! :)

Rude1 said...

Desult, Thanks for your kind words :) They mean a lot. I know I do, and wasn't looking for compliments, just trying to explain the void left by not serving everyday. You know what I mean?

Shayna, I so agree! Even the visene (sp) commercials made me laugh!

Just another MN girl said...

Got your link through Trouble. Just wanted to stop by and say hi. I am a brand new Lt in the Air Force Reserve (formerly an E-4 :). Great article!

Air Force: No one comes close!

Spill The Beans said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Loved this post.

Pixie said...

That was a wonderful artical.

Thank you for sharing... and thank you for your service.

Rude1 said...

Wow, I stay in bed sick for a couple days and I miss you new folks for stopping in. Thanks so much!

MN Girl - Way to go! My wife is formerly and E5, now up for O4. Yes, I did have to salute her when I was still AD :)

Trouble - Thanks for stopping in, my little blog is pretty lame, but I'm working on it. I wish I had 1/2 your writing talent!

Shelleigh - Thanks for the kind words, they mean a lot!

Just another MN girl said...

Thanks for stopping by, sir!

Rude1 said...

Now now Ma'am, I was a sergeant, not a sir! LOL It's my pleasure

Just another MN girl said...


e-mail me, and I'll e-mail you back about the unit.