Sunday, January 15, 2006

MIA Blogs

I first discovered blogs about two years ago. I don’t remember how I found it, but I stumbled across Bill Whittle's ejectejecteject and was immediately blown away. I didn’t know what a blog was, but I know when writing speaks to me. I started reading every one of his posts and eagerly looked (still do) forward to his next post. From there I found many others with varied themes; some political, some personal, some military, and some just damn funny. The thing I don’t like about blogs is when one of your favorite writers quits blogging. I don’t blame anyone for quitting; blogging is a very personal thing and there are multiple reasons to quit, but some of these writers have such a gift, and their words are such a joy to read that their absence leaves a void. It’s like reading a book by your favorite author. When you finish that book, you just can’t wait for their next work to come out. Unfortunately, when a blogger quits, you may never have the pleasure of reading their work again.

Some bloggers I REALLY miss are RTG, Blue Eyed Infidel, Red2Alpha and his wife Frenchy. RTG’s blog was a brilliant mix of political insight, personal reflection, and incredible fiction. She writes with a raw, honest passion and political insight beyond compare. Blue Eyed Infidel always made me smile, and frequently laugh out loud. I’ll never forget her description of why cats are dullards. I wish I had printed it out! Red2Alpha and Frenchy gave an unprecedented view of the trials and feelings of a soldier serving in a combat zone and his wife at home. The pain of losing friends, and pieces of himself in combat, gave an insight to the humanity of the combat soldier.

Like I said, I really miss these bloggers and hope that some day they start writing in a public forum again, whether it be blogging or books. Until then, I’m thankful I had the privilege of reading their words. I just hope they know how much they were appreciated and are missed.


Desultory Girl said...

I know what you mean. There were a few that I would read often and they just quit. For instance, Michael, at A Day In Iraq.

A soldier with a knack for describing things and making it funny. I think he dealt also with opsec issues and then felt at some point it was just too much for him for how much it exposed him.

Also my B-I-L, 91 Ghost. He has a way of telling stories and all he does is post up stuff one day, delete months later, then delete the entire blog to just post one every now and then. He acts real bipolar about it, I sware it's like a f'n on and off again girlfriend.

However, once anonymity goes out the window so does the blogger, usually, IMO.

Rude1 said...

Hehehehe, I know what you mean about your BIL, I've read his blog and while I really enjoyed it, it is rather hit or miss. I didn't include PRM, even though I miss her blog as well, because it's been so recent, but tell her I really enjoyed her posts as well.

As always, thanks for stopping by :)

Desultory Girl said...

I told PRM about your blog already. I'll let her know to step in over here on my behalf whenever she can.

Check in on ya later, I've still got about what? A little more than 24 hours... :)

red2alpha said...

Hello. I am red2alpha, the author of This is Your War. It was difficult for me to delete my blog but at the time there was an a lot of pressure on me, my chain of command was talkking about 'war crimes' and other bullshit. Whatever. I wish, now, that I had never erased my site but sometimes you have to do what you think is right. I'm glad that you enjoyed my writing. Now that I am home and out of Iraq I might start again but so much has been lost. We will see.

Rude1 said...

WOW, I'm honored you stopped by. Thanks for taking the time to comment, and WELCOME HOME! Thanks for your service and I look forward to seeing you post again. I hope you and Frenchy have an easy transition back to your normal lives.

Russ said...

Well...RTG is back! And you are the first person I've met aside from myself who loved Blue-Eyed Infidel. That girl cracked me up!