Saturday, January 14, 2006


So this blog friend I have is getting ready to embark on a life changing journey this Tuesday. She’s ready and we’re all going to benefit from her choice. She’s heading off to basic training in the US Army, and that takes a special person.

People join the military for many reasons; education, travel, skills, or even just for a job. However, something happens that most don’t expect, something almost magical begins to happen during basic. Recruits go through a metamorphosis and emerge from training changed for life. They learn much more than how to march or field strip their weapon. They learn teamwork, responsibility, and most importantly, they learn the importance of HONOR. Honor is a key ingredient missing from most of society these days. Movies, music, sports, government and even religion are overflowing with examples of people without honor. We seem to embrace these dishonorable examples as desirable, and reject or ridicule those who display this critical trait. The cornerstone of the military is honor. Honor allows us to perform the mission for the better good for society as a whole, no matter the personal sacrifices required of the members. Honor is not easy, but honor will get you through difficult, trying times. And honor, once obtained, is one of the most precious possessions you can have. To lose it, is one of the most devastating losses anyone can endure.

The person who that emerges on the far side of basic is forever changed. Whether they make the military a career of not, the skills they learn there will serve them well in any endeavor.

Like I said, she’s ready for this journey and I know the butterfly that will emerge from the chrysalis of basic training will be better than ever. Good luck girl!


Desultory Girl said...

What a beautiful post, Rude1. I don't think I told you this, but I learned a little something about honor a few summers ago.

I believe it to be one of the most misunderstood words in our language. Now I understand it better.

I think there's nothing more important than honor among people. With honor comes the respect of yourself and others and doing what's right when necessary.

Actually, one of the tattoo's I wanted was supposed to be something to symbolize honor since it's, if not, the most important value I hold. I haven't gotten it yet for lack of a picture of honor.

Anyway, I'll quit rambling, but so eloquently you say, "And honor, once obtained, is one of the most precious possessions you can have. To lose it, is one of the most devastating losses anyone can endure."

Roger that!!!!

P.S. Someone here needs a kleenex here and I don't think it's you.

Rude1 said...

Thanks Desult, I know that you know the value of honor. When I think about the state of affairs today, I'm sure it's because the lack of it in our society. I'd love to see the tatt when you finally get it!

Honor is tough, but like anything else, the easier it is to get, the less value we place on it. Have fun this weekend!

Desultory Girl said...

:) Will do my friend.