Sunday, July 11, 2010

Crappy Update...

Just a quick crappy little update to let all four of my readers that I'm still alive.

A few fun tidbits...
1) Had a black eye for a while after a wrestling match inside the horse trailer with one of my horses... Some horses can really be a big pain in the ... wait for it...


2) Had another bear sighting the other day, actually the day I got my black eye (thanks again Gibbs). After I went up to the house to wash the blood off from our little trailer dance, I looked out at the pasture and all three horses were staring at the driveway where it crosses the creek, with their ears pricked up. I thought it was probably a coyote or something, but then a black bear came running down the drive, across the creek, and off into the thicket. Pretty cool living here!

Then, a couple of days after the bear sighting, there was a bear paw print in the dust on the back window of the Jeep. I hope he doesn't come back and scratch it; how do you explain to the insurance company that a bear scratched up your jeep, and now you need a new paintjob?

Things that make you go hmmmmmm.

Later taters!

1 comment:

Buckskins Rule said...

Horses and trailers...nuff said. Sorry to hear about the eye.

Hope Mr. Bear doesn't try to take your rig for a spin. May be a challenge selling it to the insurance, as you've already noted.

I see bear scat in these parts once in awhile. That's enough bear sighting for me, at least when I'm home.