Friday, September 01, 2006

Progress and Illness

This picture was inspired by the one and only Barngoddess. I drive past these two almost everyday and just love how they stay together and look so much alike. I hope to have my own soon... :)

Hey everyone, just a quick note about the trials and tribulations here in the land O Rude.

We are making progress on the house, the garage walls are formed and concrete (the first layer) is going in today, but still not very happy with this clown.

I've spent the last three days (nights actually)taking care of a sick dog... Poor guy has been having "accidents" on the floor cause he just cant hold it. I hope this isnt too graphic, but "explosive" is the only way to describe it. The vet thinks its a change in diet, but I dont think so. Wish me luck with the poor guy.

Here's a couple of fawns running down the fairway at the local golf course.


BarnGoddess said...

Hello! Great pictures by the way. I am humbled that I inspired such great beauty :) Hopefully some day soon you'll have a lovely horse or two or three in your pasture.

I hope your dog snapped out of his diet 'trouble' and is back on track. Give an update when you can!

That is good news about your house building making some headway!! See, there is HOPE :)

Miss ya.....but glad to see your posting :) AND with great pictures too

My Music Highway Project said...

Love the pics... glad things are coming along with the house!! Keep us updated.

BarnGoddess said...


I hope your out building your new house instead of blogging!!!!!!

Just letting you know I havent written u off :)